Ferro13 “Hipster”


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About me¬

I am the alter ego of GABRIELE STRINGA, the creative of the group. I am a synthesis of the past and future, expression of an international culture that has chosen beards and moustaches as its defining symbols.

Place of birth¬

The Salentine Coast south of Brindisi, 80 metres above sea level. Harvested between late September and early October. Alcohol content of approximately 13%.


I draw on a number of sources and bring them together in harmony. The grape harvest takes place in several stages. The first harvest takes place at the peak of aromatic ripeness to ensure integrity and typicality. The second harvest takes place following extended maturation. The vinification process occurs separately for each harvest and maturation. Once these two parts are mixed, the wine rests in a vat for a month before bottling.

Character and style¬

I am a mix of traditions and cultures. My style easily blends t-shirts, sneakers and a hat with my perfect moustache. I can be open and mysterious at the same time, my bouquet is complex, recalling red fruit and berries and notes of pepper and spices.


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