Morgenster “Lemon Enhanced Virgin Oil”

Morgenster Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unmistakably citrusy with aromas of fresh-cut green grass. On the palate, the oil is light and refreshing. Specially selected Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used as the base oil, which is infused with an extract derived from lemon skin. This interesting extra virgin olive oil encourages experimentation in the kitchen as it marries well with everything from fish to roasted vegetables to your favorite vanilla ice cream.



Morgenster’s Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive oil is very versatile. Use it to marinade beef and lamb, drizzle if over fish as it comes off the braai or out of the oven, roast and stir-fried vegetables are spectacular when enhanced with this Lemon oil, great on baked potatoes, pour it over green salad leaves to impress your dinner guests. Morgenster Lemon Enhanced Olive Oil is Kosher Certified. Pour it, don’t store it!


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