Ferro13 “Gentleman”


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About me¬

I am the alter ego of winemaker MARCO BERNABEI and living proof that gentlemen do still exist: polite, respectful and coherent in their personal lives and at work

Place of birth¬

The hills of Pavia, 130 metres above sea level. Harvested in the final 10 days of September. Alcohol content that varies between 12.5% and 13% depending on the year.


A Gentleman could only have a classic development with impressive standards. This of course means Burgundy style vinification in cone-shaped wooden 30-quintal vats at an uncontrolled temperature. It is a slow and precise vinification and the techniques of delestage and batonage allow me to undergo malolactic fermentation at the same time. After racking, I spend approximately 9 months on my lees.

Character and style¬

I prefer a classic and elegant style, opting for a suit and tie at all times, even on the vine. I am not exuberant; I prefer to reveal myself slowly. I am liked for my unique personality and my bouquet which recalls notes of red fruit and berries.


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